An Incredible Win For Guns For Tards. And For America!

Congress strikes down unconstitutional SSA ruling.

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Paul Ryan. I know...he's a cuck. 

But he's been whipped into submission so he's OUR cuck now.

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               As our supporters may have heard, yesterday Congress moved to strike down a ridiculous and unconstitutional attempt by the Social Security Administration to limit gun ownership in the mentally challenged community. In a move motivated by partisan political hackery, the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION attempted to limit tens of millions of American's access to firearms. Thankfully, the new Trump-led GOP saw the foolishness here and did the right thing to stop it. But we at Guns For Tards cannot help but imagine the apocalyptic alternate reality, where a radical left-wing globalist like Clinton or Sanders would have ignored this fatal blow to our individual God-given liberties.

            What a time to be alive in America! Our poor God Emperor must have quite a sore wrist from writing so many Executive Orders. But with Obama out and Trump in, we here at Guns For Tards have taken to referring to Presidential Executive Orders as "win coupons". The man with the giant hands, and his insurance policy Mike "Insert Amazingly Hilarious Rhyming Nickname Here" Pence have been kicking ass and taking names. And the globalists are kicking and screaming like the "Death By Stereo" vampire from The Lost Boys. And it's beautiful listening to the death rattle of the radical left. It's like music to our ears. God Emperor Trump is making more moves than Puff Daddy did in the 90's. The man is enveloped in an aura of win.

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