Congress Finally Doing It's Job Under Prez Trump

This Week Congress will vote to overturn controversial ruling

The God Emperor Killin' The Game

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President Donald Trump signs yet another Executive Order

He's pretty much fulfilled an entire campaign full of promises in three weeks. What will he do with the rest of this coming 8 years?


          We at Guns For Tards were overwhelmed with joy upon hearing the wonderful news that the House will be voting this week on overturning the Social Security Administrations NICS rule. This controversial and unconstitutional rule would increase scrutiny on disabled Americans if they attempt to purchase firearms. This rule targets individuals who have a designated payee for their social security benefits, a circumstance that is as irrelevant to the Second Amendment as it sounds. Being disabled and needing help managing finances certainly shouldn’t limit a person’s Second Amendment rights. This rule would elevate the Social Security Administration to the position of an illegitimate arbiter of the Second Amendment. The Social Security Administration should focus on providing people with their benefits, not depriving people of their rights. And obviously fighting this rule has been a goal of Guns For Tards from our offset. A person without rights is a person without dignity. Even if you're too retarded to realize it.

         I was always hopeful that President Trump would approach the job of President with the same intensity that he approached his rise to the top in the private sector. Seeing him "crack the whip" so to speak on Congress and the Senate is encouraging. If we can get this ridiculous ruling overturned, stick with our "eliminate two, add one" approach to government regulations and get Neil Gorsuch confirmed as our latest Supreme Court Justice I have a feeling we will have done a lot of work towards righting the right and correcting our nation's path.

        Remember that at the end of the day, getting guns into the hands of as many mentally challenged citizens will always be our ultimate goal. And you haven't lived until you've seen how happy these 'tards are the first time they squeeze off a few rounds. If you want to help us get our message out, the best way is to donate to our organization in the name of an anti-gun liberal. Allow us to send them a thank you letter and a picture of one of our tards holding a gun. Sometimes the best way to open up a constructive dialogue is by helping others to feel the satisfaction of arming a retarded person in their community. 

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Thank you. And God Bless America!

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