IQ Limits on Gun Ownership = UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Guns For Tards will always fight for equal rights!

Opening up the door to IQ requirements on gun ownership is a slippery slope that we do not want to go down. Legislation like that would open up a Pandora's Box of potential government overreach. Much like the case with Income Taxes, which started "innocently" and "harmlessly" at a mere 3%, allowing the federal government to impose any kind of an "IQ Standard" for gun ownership would be the first step to eventually disarming the entire population. Once these requirements are implemented, all the government would need to do is increase these requirements slowly and unassumingly. By "moving the goalposts" so to speak, the government would eventually be able to seize weapons from any people they deem "dumb". And let's face it, everyone is an idiot if you ask the right people. Do NOT allow the government and special interest groups to destroy the spirit of individual liberty this great nation was founded on. We at Guns For Tards would rather see a few hundred thousand American "dummies" with AR-15s then die in an ISIS fire cage. God Bless the USA. And God Bless our 'tards! #GunsForTards #Equality #MAGA #SecondAmendment

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