President Trump's Muslim Ban Is a Good Move...

...but it won't be enough to protect us in the long term.

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By: Mersh - 1/30/2017

                   While Guns For Tards started as a Second Amendment advocacy group for the mentally challenged, we have come to realize that our purpose is much greater than just arming our nation's 'tards. We are helping to reinforce the very defensive fabric of this great nation. While our God Emperor President Donald Trump (blessed be his name) has made wonderful strides in his first few weeks as President, we all need to do our part as well. A temporary ban is just that: Temporary. We need to be prepared to respond to disaster at any time. And at Guns For Tards we are helping build a wall of defense against the Muslims and Communist scum who seek to destroy our beautiful nation. Our country's mentally handicapped number north of 40 million people. That is 40 million God fearing patriots who are completely under-equipped and utterly unprepared for the potential disasters we face every day in America.

                 Think of all of the retarded or borderline retarded people you meet on a daily basis. Now imagine some Muslim suicide bomber starts running towards your car at the Wendy's drive thru. But imagine some retard hanging out in the parking lot smoking weed has a gun and kills that suicide bomber. Right now, guns are hard to obtain for people on the lower-end of the intelligence spectrum. The paperwork can be confusing and difficult, or often it can just be the harsh lighting in those tax collector offices that cause a 'tard to have one of his little meltdown things. These people usually end up as ill-equipped to deal with a life threatening situation as they are with loud noises. We need to arm as many of these trainable, unbaptized fools as possible before ISIS and China invade us.

               We recently opened up "donation" options on our website. Go to our shop and you can donate in increments of $2 (the $2 bill features the signing of the Declaration of Independence so this was no coincidence. You can also donate and receive one of our "donation letters" available as well. God bless you all and keep fighting the good fight. We are always on the lookout for the hashtag #GunsForTards - we see it as a bit of a smoke signal. Use that hashtag and we will find you, fellow patriots. .

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