R.I.P. Guns For Tards

Despite early success, Site may be shutting down...

         I want to thank all of the fans and supporters for the laughs and the memories. But sadly, this experiment in satire and trolling has resulted in irreversible damage to my actual life. Since becoming the target of an SJW mob, my personal Facebook account has been permanently deleted. An account I have had for 10 years, which I used my real name on and never used once to threaten or harass anyone with. Along with this account went my online social media network, which I admit I was lazy about backing up or keeping total track of. All-in-all, this website has become a major pain in my ass and the brigading has pushed me to my breaking point. This website ended up barely breaking even. Despite our success at growing our brand name and trolling the ever loving shit out of some of the most droll, humorless SJW cunts, I am making the painful decision to take this site down.

       The original goal of Guns For Tards was to create a self-sustaining and constantly growing brand we could use to offend and amuse people across the globe. Our hope had been that by offering an affordable and original "Prank By Mail" service we could monetize the site and brand name enough to expand our profile and increase our reach a little more each week. Sadly, despite constant promotion and hundreds of hours of hard work, we experienced barriers at every turn. Facebook suspensions, un-publishing of our pages, harassment of our Admins, DDoS attacks. In the end, the backlash we experienced at the hands of these miserable, autistic losers far exceeded the material support we received for our product.

     I have been doing some thinking about the entire thing. I still have not reached a final decision yet, however I can say that within the next 10 days, Guns For Tards may no longer exist. We are leaning towards taking the site down for good. This is not a loss. I will return with another project someday. And we will get these fuckers back for creating so much stress and inconvenience over a simple fucking joke. But for now it seems as if tasteless satire is dead. This is honestly heartbreaking.

Burn in hell, SJWs. And to all of you who did support us and got in on the laughs, we thank you. We will be back someday.

PS: We will be leaving the shop open for another week. If you want to get in on the action, or get yourself a Guns For Tards letter...they may be collectors items someday. Our founder will be moving and pursuing some new opportunuties so all proceeds will go towards the transition. 

Send out a prank mailer one last time.

One more laugh before we say goodbye...