Senator Warren's Witch Hunt of Prez MUST Stop!

Here's a copy of our official email sent to Senator Warren's office...

Below is a copy of the email that was send from our offices at Guns For Tards this morning in reference to the ridiculous political witch hunt underway in regards to President Donald Trump's tax returns. The DNC, in it's death rattle, is desperately attempting anything it can to stay relevant and in power. We see through these tactics. The email below was sent to Senator Warren's office, as well as the "investigators" in charge of this waste of taxpayer resources, Katherine Siggerud and Timothy Minnelli.

"Good morning,
       The purpose of this email is to express our sincerest disappointment and utter disapproval of Senator Elizabeth Warren's request for an audit of our President Donald Trump's finances. This is partisan, political hackery at it's worst! At a time when our new President needs all of the help he can transitioning into the most important job in the world, Senator Warren makes a cheap grab for headlines and in a desperate attempt to stay relevant. This is a witch hunt, a massive waste of taxpayer resources and one of the many reasons the DNC is losing it's stranglehold on American liberty! This cannot stand.
Mike "Mersh" Schiele
Founder - Guns For Tards
Keep fighting these socialist scum! Keep fighting for our President and for our country! God bless you all! #GunsForTards  

Original Email

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Sent to the Office of Government Accountability

Senator Warren was CC'd in the email.


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