Thank you all for your overwhelming support!

I'd like to take a moment to thank all of the people who pre-ordered our prank "donation letter" mailers. Our first round of everything is going out tomorrow! You folks helped us to break even in terms of our first round of expenses (stationary, postage, letterhead, website and other expenses). We have had an impressive jump in our short 16 days of existence. But we need your help to get bigger and to expand our operations. The bigger Guns For Tards gets, the more annoyed and confused SJWs get. We plan on creating butthurt from coast-to-coast, possibly even global. But your $5/$10/$20 purchases are the life force behind our site. If you know anyone who wants to trigger an insufferable liberal cunt through the mail *ANONYMOUSLY* and *INEXPENSIVELY* please send them to us. If you have someone you want to take the piss out of, let us do it for you for $10. For just $10, we will send a professional looking mailer to anyone you wish, with an official thank you letter on a beautiful letterhead from our "Guns For Tards" charity thanking them for their generous donation as well as their tireless effort in helping to get guns in the hands of mentally handicapped people in ther community. Guaranteed to offend almost ANY liberal SJW! We are using the money to expand our site, our brand and our well as funding other comedy productions and projects.

Thank you all,


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