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Special Note To Our Recent Attackers:    

Dear social justice mob: You have lost. All that wasted energy reporting us on Facebook & attempting to harm our brand has accomplished nothing. Yes, you got our page taken down for two days. But your little crybaby fest did managed to bring an entire new set of eyes on our prank by mail product, our website and our name. We also received several donations from our supporters, who gave us money for no other reason then to spite you. So thank you bored house wives for your terribly executed attempt at social justice. We at Guns For Tards appreciate you joyless hens. For the fame and for the money.

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Welcome to Guns For Tards!

 We humbly thank you for visiting our website and making a decision to educate yourself about personal liberty and freedom. At Guns For Tards our goal has remained the same, even in our infancy: to enlighten people and open up a dialogue about the low rates of responsible, legal gun ownership in the mentally challenged community. While we don't directly provide retarded people with actual firearms, our organization seeks to create programs in every community where the mentally handicapped are free to learn about, train with and eventually receive help when applying for proper legal gun ownership. Your donation (or a donation in another's name) will serve to help our organization grow and thrive in the coming years, as the forces of globalist oppression continue to attack our way of life and erode our personal liberties.

At Guns For Tards our primary directives include:

  • Prevent, at all costs, any legislation forcing Federally Mandated IQ Requirements for legal gun ownership. This is a Constitutional slippery slope. Once we allow the government to prevent mentally handicapped gun ownership, then all they have to do is change the definition of what mentally handicapped is. By “moving the goal posts” we feel that the government can eventually confiscate guns from, or restrict gun ownership to, the majority of American citizens. This is a dangerous slippery slope considering that most of us in America are arguably borderline retarded as it is.

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    Work with local law enforcement in as many municipalities as we can across this great nation in order to educate, train and arm America's most vulnerable and oft-forgotten citizens, the mentally handicapped. In doing so not only will we see a decrease in violent crime as well as victimization of special needs people, but another solid line of defense at home against the fire cages of ISIS and the bayonets of Communism.

  • Training, equipping and maintaining a national militia of mentally challenged Americans who are armed to the teeth with high powered, military-grade firearms and munitions, as well as enough ammunition to defend us in our eventual showdown with the enemies of freedom and liberty here in America.   

Our fight for individual freedom is a arduous & unceasing battle. Just like the great heroes of the civil rights movement, the hundreds of patriots that comprise Guns For Tards' volunteer staff are subject to a bombardment harassment, derision and threats. But we will continue to defend liberty at all costs and promote and fight for the values our Founding Fathers believed in. Equality and empowerment for ALL citizens. We at Guns For Tards truly believe this.


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