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We're A Tiny, Dedicated Business

This website was initially started by a group of comedians as a way of creatively funding some independent productions and comedy film projects. A longtime expert at getting reactions out of people, we decided to put our robust vocabularies, collective abilities to create insane, bullshit rhetoric that is meant to evoke desired emotional reactions. You could send a Glitter bomb for $20 or some actual shit (which is illegal and weird) OR you can be much more creative and psychological with your prank. 

Effective and Hilarious

Guns For Tards is a HILARIOUS and EFFECTIVE way to get a laugh from a friend or annoy someone you don't like. Guaranteed to amuse or offend! The recipient will receive a piece of professionally worded correspondence on our meticulously designed letterhead in an attractive and convincing looking mailer. This is a surefire way to get a reaction out of an unsuspecting target in a unique and creative way ANONYMOUSLY. All of our mailers come in professional looking letterhead with legit PO Box return address stamped on an envelope with several holographic American Flag stickers. All addresses and phone numbers and other media all lead to real Guns For Tards domains. This is a clever and convincing way to mess with someone. 

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Prank A Friend - Trigger A Liberal SJW Enemy!

Join the ranks of our satisfied customers! Get petty revenge!