Full "Arm A Tard" Sponsorship Package

Full "Arm A Tard" Sponsorship Package

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Our most effective and thorough troll-by-mail option is the "Sponsorship Package". A major step up to our basic donation letter option, it similarly arrives in a professional looking, stamped envelope decorated with patriotic hologram stickers and their "Sponsorship Letter" will be printed on a beautifully designed professional letterhead. The difference is that this package includes a letter thanking the recipient for their $200 sponsorship and includes several different pictures of a fictitious "mentally challenged" adult brandishing a firearm. They are given a very detailed story about that person and what kind of gun they own. Your victim will be led to believe that someone donated money in their name to a charity that gave this specific gun to a retarded person. Ultimate lulz. Costs a bit more, but the level of effort that goes into this mailer is sure to get the target's attention. Contact us for bulk pricing if you would like to prank multiple targets. Our prices on 10+ targets are extremely low.

As soon as you complete your purchase, you will be contacted by us via email to verify all of the important details. We are a small, boutique prank by mail service and we're extremely dedicated to getting things right the first time.

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