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If you got a laugh out of our can help to support us. We have several other projects in the works, and we are an extremely small operation. Every donation helps us out more than you can imagine. Thank you all for the support. Each time you add to the quantity, it will add $2 to your donation.

Here are some of the things your money goes towards:

Maintaining this website.
Unsolicited prank mailers that we send out to various Politicians, Celebrities, Media Personalities and Bloggers. We send out at least 20 unsolicited prank mailers every week in an attempt to fuck with anti-gun nuts and humorless SJWs. This costs us about $50, since we use our same quality materials we send our paid mailers out in. The stickers, stamps, letterhead, etc all adds up. We love messing with famous members of the outrage culture. And you can help us do is more frequently and quickly by donating. Each $2 donation is another one SJW we can screw with.

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