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Prank, Trigger or Troll ANYONE ANONYMOUSLY by mail!

Our handcrafted, convincing "donation packages" is sure to trick anyone!


Prank your boss! Screw with your ex! Trigger an SJW anonymously! Your target will receive one of our beautiful, professionally designed mailers with an eloquently worded thank you for their support in our efforts to get guns in the hands of the mentally challenged. Sure to offend and amuse!

It can be anyone you want! If it's an in-law you hate, or a boss who's day you would like to ruin, we will handle it for you safely, hilariously and most importantly, ANONYMOUSLY! We will never tell anyone who pranked them! Join the fun today! 

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We only have THREE rules: Your target must be 18 years of age or older. Your target must not have any mentally handicapped people in their IMMEDIATE family (parent, child, sibling) nor can they be mentally handicapped themselves. We are assholes, but we aren't soulless assholes. Our one last rule is that you cannot hire us to send a prank mailer to anybody you are currently prevented by court order to contact. We are a gag gift and a prank by mail service. We are not here to harass people. 

So how do we do this? Just make a decision how committed to the joke you are and which package you want to go with. Make your selection and execute the purchase safely and securely using PayPal (with Buyer Protection). Once you make your purchase, you will be contacted directly via email and we will go over each step of the process with you in order to craft the perfect prank mailer for your target. We will even let you write the last sentence of our letter as one final, "gotcha"!


At our regular prices, we are the least expensive option on the internet for pranking someone anonymously. We're cheaper than glitter bombs, and more of a psychological gag than other options.


We won't tell anyone who hired us to prank someone, unless requested. The only exception is if it becomes a legal matter due to harassment or other behavior on your part.


Due to the decline in the use of regular mail, as well as the general bombardment of email we all receive nowadays, regular mail has been proven to be more invasive and more likely to be noticed by your target making us more effective.

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For our cheapest option, we will send a thank you email from our mail Guns For Tards email address, and within two hours, we will follow up with a public thank you Tweet, directed at your target. The one-two punch of a Tweet and email from the same organization is solid, proven tactic. Unlike our other options, we cannot guarantee this will be noticed.

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Our most popular option, a great value, and an extremely effective product in our prank by mail catalog. Your target will receive an eloquently worded thank you letter for their "generous donation" to our fictional charity. It will arrive in one of our official looking "Guns For Tards" mailers. Prank by mail is popular, because prank by mail is effective. 

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns "Sponsor A Tard" Premium Package

Like the thank you letter, it contains a thank you letter on our letterhead, in a similar looking professional looking mailer. This option also includes several photographs of a "retarded person" brandishing a firearm. This mailer includes a specific story about this particular fictional 'tard. The most effective, surefire way to get your desired reaction.